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Izumi Hayakawa is a native of Yokohama, Japan. She began playing bass with local bands in high school.  An early influence was the bassist Sting but she was soon composing her own music, branching out from rock and pop into jazz, R&B, and Brazilian music. Listening and immersing herself in a wide range of music and honing her vocal chops with the premier R&B chorus group in Tokyo, Izumi soon found her own voice as a performer and began singing in major clubs in Tokyo and throughout Japan. 


In pursuit of further musical development Izumi moved to California in 2008.  There she found the opportunity to explore another of her passions, Natural Medicine, which she studied in college and found to be a natural complement to her practice in music. After some time living in the mellow atmosphere of Santa Cruz California Izumi felt the call of the big city and moved to New York for a time to explore the clubs and musical atmosphere of the Big Apple. NYC was a wonderful experience, but the allure of California is strong and she has now found her way back to NorCal where the local natural beauty and diversity of culture is an inspiration for her creative work.  Izumi’s music crosses over boundaries of nationality and genre. She sings because it is in the essence of her nature, and she reaches out and touches the hearts of those fortunate to hear her.. 


Her CD can be purchased online:


“i.z.z.i” -  All songs written and produced by Izumi Hayakawa.  


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