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Mini Album i.z.z.i 

I.Z.Z.I. is a unique mini album written and produced by Izumi Hayakawa, showcasing her background in diverse musical genres from jazz to R&B and pop. As a producer and musician of eclectic tastes she has drawn from a wide palette of tone colors to give this assortment of songs a trans-cultural feel. Singing in both English and Japanese, she has created backing tracks for her beautiful voice that might employ the sound of a Spanish guitar or the more ethereal feel of an electronically enhanced vocal chorus. Listen and enjoy and be surprised at the universality of this musical expression, truly embracing the diverse culture of the Pacific Rim. 

Gypsy (Japanese version)

Wadatsumi no mukou (silent Version)

Gypsy (English version)

Spring Joy

Wadatsumi no mukou

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